Infinite potentiometer

Hello vvvvguys,
i’m working on new project when I need to receive continuos information from an infinite potentiometer

How can manage the data without the jump step over the 1 to 0 point???
I read on forum the possibility to detect the numbre of cycle of pot but it doesn’t work in my case…anything can help me?

thanks in advance


you can use a Damper, and set Cyclic to true

Sorry, i don’t understand …

In the patch posted you can see the behavior of sensor simulate with an LFO.
I’m able to map the value from 0 to 5 (FILTERED VALUE) but if you see the VALUE AFTER COUNTING CYCLE you can note that the value pass the range infinitely.

_POTinfinite.v4p (19.5 kB)

have a look here bro

thx Noir…
here my “solution” patch

_POTinfinite2.v4p (22.6 kB)