Individually manipulate multiple objects drawn from a single collada file?

Hi all!

Really beginning to move comfortably into vvvv now. To all devs, contributers, and fellow forum users: amazing work! thanks for everything!!

I have a new query, however.

I have a gig coming up in which i’ll be mapping into the inside of a geodesic dome. what im planning is to have a 3d (nurbs built) triangular shape projected onto each panel of the projection space that can all be manipulated individually in realtime.

because of the arrangement of the geometry, using spreads to duplicate the collada file i’m using seems to be a pain because of the geodesic pattern. instead, what i’ve done is create a collada file with the individual shapes exactly where I want them.

is there any way i can then access each individual shape using spreads to transform them independantly within vvvv??

…i suspect not…!


just found the documentation…! when im home i’ll have a play with this stuff!