IndexedGeometryBuffer UV Broken


im trying to use IndexedGeometryBuffer to split & join a Mesh for Animation. ( using D.O.P.E )
After spliting and joining the mesh the UV of the Mesh is broken but only on a few Triangles…

FuzzyUV.v4p (130.3 KB)

just found this:

the geometry composed in the IndexedGeometryBufferTriangleList subpatch has normals in it, also vertices are float3 and texcoords float2, but the constant shader does not use normals (which doesn’t matter i suppose) and expects float4 for vertices and texcoords- as I understood the auto layout pin on the geometry shader is there to fix this, but it doesn’t seem to work all the time.

does not really help me but maybe right direction…


there you go, you had a mistake here

well there is a mistake still, but i checked on few other mesh and it don’t seems to work with uv coords properly…

i’m guessing it’s mesh split not the buffer join

Hey @antokhio,

ive got it working. So i think the problem is related to the regular mesh split node somehow separating the UV into channels. For some reason it wont give you all the UV Data.

It works with the node “Geometry assimp Structured” using Readback nodes.

FuzzyUV_Fixed.v4p (141.7 KB)

The mesh Valid output is false but its working…

So i guess theres a bug in the regular node, ive often noticed assimp spliting up meshes in strange ways.

Also had problems with assimp mesh groups.

guess the culprit is always the 3d exporter…

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