Indeo Video v5 Codec for Scratching


I’m playing with video speeds.
So far making AVI files with MJPEG and the result is not a very smooth change in video speeds.

Tried u7angels rev_vid.v4p. It has a small AVI with Indeo Video v5 codec and it works very nice.

How can i make a AVI with Indeo Video v5 codec? Installed Ligos Indeo Codec 5.11 and After Effects CS5, Premier CS5 or MPEG Streamclip don’t have any Indeo option under AVI. ¿Does it have a different name? ¿What other software can do this?

Been doing some tests and reading, but it looks like the old Indeo codec doesn’t work on a 64 bit system.

I am also still looking for a good codec.

as i understand it, this codec is old and no longer supported etc… i don’t have an alternative though, sorry. (did you try MJPEG with keyframes every frame? thats what i have used in other programs.)

picvideo mjpeg codec is pretty good. can be encoded with AE.

for scrubbing/reverse/playback you can also convert your movie into an imagesequence (DDS) and read the frames with filetexture directly from a SSD.

if you choose to work with image sequences have a look at
Player (EX9.Texture Timebased) smooth playback even with HD content

Made lots of tests with different codecs and settings.
MJPEG has problems playing in reverse. Maybe this can be fixed as ksp wrote with keyframes every frame but I don’t have that option in AE CS5, because “Advances Settings/Keyframes” checkbox is grayed out.

Then with MPEG Streamclip exported from an AVI file with no compression to an AVI ‘Apple Cinepak’ compression with 100% quality and it works very nice, going forward and backward at different speeds.

My file is 1920 x 1080 px @ 30 fps, 921 MB and the CPU is i5, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460, Windows 7.

Didn’t get to try Plan B (image sequences).