Indefinite hotswapping

When adding a path IOBox to a patch that contains an OpenCV Videoplayer (triggering a change?) vvvv keeps hotswapping indefinitely.


Tested with 2020.3.0-0104 and VL.OpenCV 1.1.4

@elias / @ravazquez

Interesting, this behavior can also be seen with 2020.1.0 by simply entering the VideoPlayer (Reactive) node. The hotswap is waiting on the AsyncLoop which is in a super long Thread.Sleep call - see my screenshot here from within the debugger:


@ravazquez Can you re-visit the sleep time calculation?

@Elias you mean this beauty?


If I remember correctly this was you my dear friend :P

Seriously though, could it have anything to do with this Cache region and how the create/dispose changed in them?


@bjoren As a workaround you can clamp the timeout before the ThreadSleep node. The culprit seems to be the AsyncLoop not having a way to NOT run. It always triggers its body at least once.

I found the culprit. The default of the Speed pin is 0 for some reason…


That alone did it for you @bjoern ?

Yep, had to set it to 1, save and then quit/restart vvvv.

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Cool, I will add that change to the upcoming version then. Consider yourself a lib contributor :)

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