Increase pincount from zip and unzip greyed out

Hey there,

i am cheking out vvvv gamma and right now i cant increase the pin count of the zip and unzip node to access spreads easily.
When i have a spread of 16 slices it outputs them as 2x8 spreads.
Ctrl and + is not working and increase or decrease Pin Count is greyed out.


Do i think about these nodes in the wrong way?

greetings Knoeterich

Indeed VL doesn’t deal with spreads in the same way vvvv does. Unzip (I believe) only deals with interweaved pairs. How many output pins do you want and how many slices within them?

I you want to just get all of the slices individually, you could try decons instead

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Decons is working!! nice!
Maybe there will be a way or an option to increase the pincount automatically according to the size of the Spread??!
Like it is working with the “Spreadviewers” (i dont know how else to call them)

I think something like dynamic pins might be possible in the future with Reflection - the devs will have to explain how - but for now consider that at runtime Gamma itself will be adding and taking away pins in real-time, depending on the number of slices its seeing. Imagine that at frame 1 the spread has 2 values and then at frame 2 it has none. What happens to those connections when pins disappear? It’ll need some meta patching rules of some kind. If you’re working with spreads and want to use decons,

I think its a good idea that the input spread is always a known and fixed length, and to use for each/repeat regions for varying spread sizes, perhaps using some logic to define how each slice is handled. At least for now :-)

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