Incorperate Ex9 Renderer Window in VB6 form/user control

Hi - I’m just wondering if it is possible to embed my renderer EX9 window into a VB6 form or usercontrol with predefined camera positions. I thought I saw something about sharing and using a handle but I cant find this information any more and to be honest it was slightly out of my abilities anyway!

hi simon,
i’m afraid i don’t see an easy way to actually do that. probably it would work to have your hosting application set the parent of a vvvv-renderer-window to one of its own windows…but i’m not sure really if that is allowed (windows-system wise).

but wait,
there’s Spout. so if your app can receive and display spout you can easily make it look like it shows the content of a vvvv-renderer by simply sending a texture over via spout.