In search for the right nodes (complex geometry)

dear community,

I’m looking for the right nodes to create something like a brain cell network geometry.

What main nodes should I look into for this?

I need to subdivide geometry, connect polygons with splines, subdivide the whole surface eventually.

I want to be able to control the size of the joint points, and position of glowing textures traveling through my network with my data later.

Seems like quite much of a challenge, you think it’s manageable in VVVV?
(if you have another tool in mind for this, that might come handy as well!)


Much obliged <3


i mean, nothing is impossible if you have enough time and are ready for a deep dive into geometry shaders. But making eveything with subdivicion and one solid geometry is definately not an easy task.

Otherwise you could split it up in spline particles for the arms and the body as an extra object.

How I would do it:

Preproduce a geometry as the one you showed above, but with straight arms.
apply vertex color as ids.
And use a controll texture in vvvv to displace the corresponding IDS.

Thats how I started off tekcor, gosh im so happy for this confirmation, means im on track… going to take time indeed…

If I choose to go with spline particle arms and bodies as separate objects, is there a way to merge these meshes into one? like, unify topology, so it not looks crap?

Looking up control textures right now, woosh!

glad that could confirm you…

Regarding merging particles and body, its not realy possible.

But there is a trick that you can do in rendering that hides the polygon seems:

Use deffered rendering in general works good for this.

and if you dont do deffered rendering you could still make an extra render pass, with the region of intersection beeing colored as a mask.
Then you can use this masked area to make edge detection.
And at the edge, you can apply a blur.
So its a post processing method for hiding poly clippings.
Looks actually cool most of the time

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@martontokes I think you should take a look at Grasshopper in Rhino. It’s a node-based programming environment like vvvv and is made for the kind of stuff you are after. Grasshopper has many plugins, which extend the functionality even more. Since Grasshopper “lives” inside a super solid 3D modelling software you will get there a lot quicker than vvvv, which is more universal and in a sense more powerful for realtime applications. If you want something purely for modelling and to export geometry you will be better of with Grasshopper.

Here is an example from Grasshopper using the Exoskeleton plugin:


Sir @seltzdesign seltzdesign,
you may have just saved me long long hours,

much much obliged!

I often get to VVVV forum topics by google searches,
if any1 would be looking for similar answers…

there are ways to link GH to VVVV

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