"In a box" mode bug


OS: win10
VVVV: 50b36_x64, 50b35.8_x64


  1. open vvvv
  2. add Camera(Transform softimage)
  3. add Preview(DX11.Texture)/Preview(EX9.Texture)
  4. try to set preview window “in a box” mode
  5. vvvv crashes


maybe it’s WindowHandler related?
If you add either of Previews first, they can be docked or hidden with no problem!

00:01:11 * : patch E:\softwares_vvvv\vvvv_50beta36_x64\lib\packs\VL.EditingFramework.0.79.17-g63a3d4ba77\vvvv\nodes\modules\Camera (Transform Orbit).v4p has been converted from to 50beta36.
00:01:11 * : patch E:\softwares_vvvv\vvvv_50beta36_x64\lib\packs\VL.EditingFramework.0.79.17-g63a3d4ba77\vvvv\nodes\modules\WindowHandler (EditingFramework).v4p has been converted from to 50beta36.
00:01:11 * : couldn’t connect pins of nodes Mouse (Devices Window) and WindowHandler (EditingFramework).v4p.