Improve tutorials landing page

The first google result for the search ‘vvvv tutorials’ or ‘vvvv gamma tutorials’ (that’s not already a video suggestion) is this page

Which, despite some relevant content, currently has a big banner at the top that makes it look like the whole page is irrelevant and gives you a redirect to a beta only docs.

I would suggest this page is still capturing a lot of newbies and it could be a better experience. The banner in its current form makes you think all content on the page is possibly out of date.

Propose instead:
-Reorganise the page with vvvv gamma tutorials (I think the name ‘VL’ isn’t clear to newbies who come to this page either)
-Also include a prominent link to the forum tutorials topic for the very latest material
-I would suggest a less prominent redirect callout to the vvvv beta help site, and without the bandaid that suggests this page is broken.
something like - ‘looking for vvvv beta tutorials? click here.’


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