Importing nugets stops the main loop

Importing nugets stops the main loop without any error message. I’ve tried different, but it happens repeatedly. I think it’s related to an Interface implementation.

For example:

For reproduce I made something like this

If you break the link between Create nodes, the Renderer will be opened.

qt2.vl (28.3 KB)

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Sorry for replying so late, the issue you’re facing here is that the library is targeting .NET Core while our system still runs on .NET Framework. In upcoming preview builds (2022.5) we updated our package system so we should now recognize such packages properly. Just checked in a local dev build and the system is no longer crashing but instead coloring those nodes red as it can’t load the said dll.
In order for your patch to truly work we’ll need to target .NET 6. The preparations for it are now all in place, when the update happens I’ll report back here. Thanks for your example patch!


@yar please try again with now available preview builds for 2022.5