Importing a Stride Prefab to gamma

I am trying to get some animations from an fbx or dae played back in vvvv gamma. So far, I have learned how to set up and play the animations in Stride Studio and it works after compiling.
I can get the models from the project to vvvvv, but unfortunately I am not able to load the prefab or a AssetScene with the animation to gamma.

When I am trying the same with the Help patch “How to load a Stride Project” it works perfect with the Astroboy. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

(Actually everything I want to do is importing an fbx or dae with animation and materials/textures to gamma but i think theres no better solution so far skipping the way through Stride Studio?)

Did you check all outputs of the AssetPrefab node? Maybe it gives you some clues…

Also, if you upload your patch, project and model it is much easier to see what could be wrong.

Thanks @tonfilm, You’re right, I was just hesitating because of the file size (500MB), here’s the patch and project and model (as .dae): Download

Output-Pins just gave me the clue it’s not loading ;P

I was also rewatching parts of your session from Node20 VL.Stride Deepdive which helped to get along with stride studio, but also Animation | Stride from the Stride Documentation.

Any news on this? I have the same issue…

It should work like in the help patch. Maybe check whether the script that starts the animation is attached to the entity with the animated model. If you open the project of the help file, there is a script called AstroBoyStartWalk. You can modify it and adapt it to your needs.

you can also change it in a way so that it doesn’t remove itself after starting the animation but has public properties for all animations of your model so that you can get/set these via VL. Or you can patch these things in VL too.

In any case, you need some code/patch to start the animation. It is easier to set up in Game Studio because you can directly reference the animations and the skeleton via name and you see what is available.

If your model has multiple animations, you need to import the animation clips separately. GitHub - JackPilley/BlenderToStrideAnimationSeparator: A blender 3.3 script that exports actions as separate fbx files for use in Stride 3D.

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