Import rendersettings into vvvv

Hey vvvvolks!

I just wondered, if there is a possibility to import rendersettings from cinema4D into vvvv, since cinama offers the oppurtunity to save the rendersettings (or effects - for instance “Sketch and Toon”) within a c4d file. i found nothing in the web whether the XFiles/collada files
save theses seetings and therefore can be used in vvvv or if they are rejected when the c4D file is transformed into a xFile/Collada file.

help/workarounds/patches/just about anything is highly appreciated!
thanks in advance.


while the collada file format can reflect quite a number of settings (even effects) vvvv cannot import all of them, see: collada#overview

cinema4D has a renderengine containing all the nice shaders and post effects. in vvvv you have to define/built your own renderengine, select the appropriate shaders and feed them with the meshes. that’s something you have to do by hand, no automatic import and auto patching thing available.

okay. a lot of thank you´s to joreg and u7angel.
@joreg: i didn´t read the overview… shame on me.
after i read the page through i wondered if the still missing features like
* Morphing
* COLLADA FX (effects and shaders)
* COLLADA Physics
are possible to implement in vvvv and if the will be implemented in future vvvversions.
just curious.

possible of course. but not planned.