Import photoshop layers info


so here’s something I’m trying to achieve since yesterday, nonstop

Get the position and size from photoshop layers. This way the composition can be made in photoshop and just imported to vvvv

I use a script that saves XML with that info. Then export layers as files in photoshop.

now its working. It could also import the filename for the textures. the thing is that the script saving the info doesn’t have the same name that the exported layers. changing that would be like a photoshop collada…

Photoshop (241.6 kB)

nice patch!

i made this excellent patch into an easy-to-use PSDFile (Photoshop) module.

the photoshop-script @manuel included above does only write layerinfos (positions, size) to an .xml file. which is a good start, but what would still be great is to have a photoshop script that does both:

  • expport cropped layers to files turning layer-groups into directories
  • saving layerinfos (position, size) to an .xml file

anyone who has or can do such a script please raise your hand.

PSDFile (Photoshop).zip (130.7 kB)

Great ! forgot about this thing

Yeah we need script masters. I think it could be really nice to define states or atributes in photoshop on each layer, for example for building a GUI, so you can allready have the logic of what is a button, whats a slider, etc.

Hi all
, quite interesting topic here.
As most of my friends are u ber coders I might be of help here. Will have some info today :)

With some delay , i am sorry to inform you that my friend is not well and can not work in the script.
I am still looking tho.

meanwhile i added the module (now spreadable) to the addonpack for betas >34.1

still would be very interesting to have someone improve on the export script…