Import Image from URL

Hello Everyone,
We are currently working on 3d map of a city, where we want to display photos of various locations. We have a json file with URL links to photos and we want to read the image from the website to project onto the geometry.
I have seen that it is possible to load images from links in older posts (or so I think) but the posts are quite dated and I don’t know if it still works or how for that matter.
Does anyone have any idea on how I would approach this?


For that you should make an HTTP GET request to that URL. You should then get the content of that image as a sequence of byte and make a Texture/SKImage (depends on your setup) out of it.

Using the HTTPGet node that ships with vvvv, it would look like this :


We’re using ForEach [Reactive] to react when we get a response, and in there we get that list of bytes and make a Texture out of it using TextureDecoder.

This is just a simple example to show you the workflow, you would then have to check for responses that are not 200 OK, etc.

If the HTTP node is not enough for you, you might wanna try the VL.SimpleHTTP. It has a help patch showing how to retrieve an image.

GetImageFromUrl.vl (9.2 KB)