Immersive theater production looking for support

Dear VVVV’ers,

I am working on a small immersive theater play and looking for skilled support in VVVV. The first iteration of the play will be performed in Hamburg in April. The play is the next iteration of this intervention:

Basically, it is a 4 channel video installation synced with some flashlights. Additionally, we would like to include a Kinect for body tracking.

If you are interested please reach out with our day rate and your availability until the beginning of April. I definitely would like to work with somebody interested in Theater. It is preferable if you are curious to explore the intersections of Theater and Tech and are up for continues collaboration. A bigger production is planned for the end of the year and it will build on this one.


Hi , can you provide an email , te send you my info? thanks in advance sounds good, and fits with my experience in theaters

Looking forward.