i wonder if it’s possible to use imgui “distributed over many objects”?

What does that mean? I don’t know and came up with this term because i don’t know a better one, let me describe:

imagine having some objects. each should have a interface/widget and widgets are defined IN that object. later, those widgets should be collected and executed/rendered.

still a bit cryptic, so that was the way of doing such things with elementa:

here’s a little playground:
imgui_elementa.vl (32.8 KB)


Maybe I’m totally not getting what you’re after but does something like that go in your direction?


sebWidget.vl (17.5 KB)

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yup, perfect, that answers everything, thanks a lot!

Glad it helps! Not sure how I would handle channels of different types and all but that can be a starting point :)

since channels are fed topdown, i don’t see any upcoming issues in that regard. if i stumble upon some, i’ll report here.