ImGui not responding properly at all resolutions

When making a UI with ImGui it does not behave as expected at all resolutions when going fullscreen, it also seems like it is not rendered at the correct resolution. The text looks blocky.
also the mouse needs to be at the upper area of the buttons to activate them, which makes the buttons look like they don’t work.

it’s a bit like the graphics is scaled up.

The click behavior of the buttons works normally here on 19201080 and 19201200 but not 2560*1440
but the bad looking graphics is present whenever in fullscreen.

The attached patch demonstrate it

ImGui-Export-test.vl (35.7 KB)

EDIT: Some screenshots:
fullscreen 1920 * 1200:
Fullscreen 2560 * 1440:

This is obviously in 2022.5.0 the behavior is observed in both 0336 and 0361

I had something similar when display scaling isn’t set to 100%. As reported here. Never got an answer concerning this issue though so don’t know if this has been addressed in the meantime.

Scaling was set to 100% on all 3 displays. maybe it has something to do with 3 different sized displays?

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