imGui, how to create automaticly widgets from the inputs of a create node?

Hi there,

untone is showing in the 18. meet up, how he to create automaticly widgets according to the input pins of the create node of adsrSettings.

at 2:25

In the video he works with an older version of imGui than the newest preveiw of 2022.5. So the objectEditor is different and I don’t know how to make it work.
it doesn’t seem to have a help patch on this.

Anyone could help?

It should go along these lines (requires up-to-date preview version):

ExperimentalObjectEditor.vl (8.8 KB)

Just keep in mind that this particular node is experimental, meaning we’re not sure about it / not happy with it’s current state.

thank you Elias,
its a cool function. It be great, if you can choose between value textfield or slider or dradable value.

Indeed, and this is also something being worked on currently. A kind of general purpose object editor which allows tweaking through attributes. We’ll for sure make some noise once we have something presentable.


One of my ongoing projects has been trying to build automatic gui’s from RCP, do you think that will be possible with imgui? I’ve had a quick look at it, but I’m still mostly on .4 at the moment, so not in depth.

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