ImGUI docking settings don't persist

Hey all,

I’m building a GUI with ImGUI that makes use of docking (so cool to have that btw). I’m using both SaveIniSettingsToDisk and LoadIniSettingsFromDisk, to remember my docking settings between restarts.

When the patch restarts, the windows are in the correct position, but not docked. You can repro that with the “HowTo Save and Load UI” help patch :

  1. Open the patch
  2. Enable the Docking Enabled input on the ImGui region
  3. Disable Add Fullscreen Window on the ImGui region (seems to be necessary for docking to work)
  4. Dock windows
  5. Save the settings banging the Save IOBox
  6. Load those settings using the Load IOBox : docking is gone

Maybe the docking thing is still experimental ?



Will be fixed in upcoming previews (>= 5.1-0017).

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