Imgui combo make select dropdown devices

Hi friends, I’m trying to make a combo/dropdown device selector using imgui to select wich webcam to use (open cv) but I cant get my head around it. What may I be missing?

Thanks in advance!



thanks for the answer but, I apologize, I can’t completly understand how to use it.

I’m able to see the dropdown menu entries, but cant parse it to the device selector.

I’ve attached a simplified version in wich I’ve tried using opencv (original case) and videoin (just in case someone doesnt want to install opencv to test it)

imgui dropdown menu testcase.vl (17.6 KB)

what’s the problem?


I cant find a way to tell the opencv node to select such device

Use the ObjectEditor instead of creating your own logic.
Actually, a good question is how to do it yourself.

I can also suggest good practice in the use of channels:

First of all, thanks por the patience.
I still cant make it work, cant connect the three (object editor - channel - videoin) at the same time… what nodes are object editor, and channel?
I’m still new to gamma and I dont understand channels and pads (and object editor)

First of all, some connections can be forced by pressing the space bar. Try this if the patch can’t detect the type compatibility

Secondly, everything else you talk about can be found in the very rich collection of explanatory material that comes with Gamma. I usually tell students that it’s much easier to talk to someone who’s opened at least every other patch in the library.




Well, thanks! I didnt know you can force the connection.
And about help menu, of course I use it, everyday… I made sure to surf all the help possible before asking the question here. But as Im not familiar with channels, I even didnt know what a channel was used for (coming from v4 beta)

Probably ObjectEditor node doesn’t exist in 5.2, not sure
try preview releases


O.E can be found in the advanced flag in the nodebrowser… I see that you are using 6.0 so I suposse that it may be a bug or missing feature un 5.2

I have advanced flag enabled by default:


But that’s what Advanced is for, it can break your head. For all advanced categories, I advise you to read and understand the help patches first.

I’ve tried forcing the connection and as soon as I connect it, the other link turns red…
tried again to understand the help patches but with no results