ImgGui and Elementa just working in skia context? (SOLVED)


I made a composition with skia, as I convert it to Textures for apply textureFX and using the texture viewer (I used elementa mixed with the texture with a textureFx blend node).

When I click the buttons, doesn’t work.

How I can have elementa uis working with texturefx layers of efects?


Hard to tell from the post only. Consider uploading a small demo patch or at least a screenshot.

i add the patch. I will notice, the elementa widget doesn’t work when clicked in the render view.

algorithmic oval.vl (66.8 KB)

elementa needs to be a true layer in the rendering. it wont work when you just get the texture.
algorithmic oval.vl (73.2 KB)

Thanks a lot!

Gamma is so deep, still we need docu for each node, like max, u have a doubt, and u can open little examples for each node.
Thanks again!

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