Imagewriter error when I export patch


What the patch does

Rendering a Sphere with a checkbox. When you activate the checkbox a “save” button appears and you can save the image via clicking on the save button.

The Problem

When I save the image in vvvvv with the ImageWriter, it works. As soon as I export and start the patch, the following error occurs and I don’t understand what I can do:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I had this error with imagereader in the past but this time i am using png as file format.

How can I solve this?

Here the patch:

test.vl (47.8 KB)

I tried everything that seemed obvious.
But the problem seems more deeper

Even in this minimal example, the following error has to occur:


even this:

Should be considered as a bug

5.3-0413 / 5.3-0423


thanks for your answer.

Do you think I should take another version of vvvvv to solve the problem?
I am using vvvv gamma 5.3-0189g3b1140fa91, its a beta version.

Should I post it in the bug section?


You know what’s interesting?
I’m trying to reproduce this bug right now and I can’t.
I’m going to try and look at the problem more closely now.

Not sure what’s going on
To be honest, it frustrated me a bit.
Your original files should be the subject of further investigation.

But my patch work.
I’m completely replacing all the stride nodes around the renderer.
Also replace the writers that write textures instead of images.

test_issue_fixs.vl (46.0 KB)


Can you confirm that this patch does not export correctly?

test_issue.vl (9.6 KB)

Yes, and RootScene is lila:

Hey, thanks for your fixes. This time when I export your “test_issue_fixes”- patch and run it I have a new error:

Regarding the initial issue you posted, the culprit seems to to be that the patch only references VL.Stride.Runtime but not the top level package VL.Stride. We should find a way to improve the error message in that case.

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@juliangrumer Your other exceptions may be due to a logic of the patch. You’re writing to the file on startup. Improve the patch logic, better rework it into a more compact form, packaged in Processes or Operations. Then it will be easier for you to do debug.

also, you can enable “pause on error” option

Hey yar and Elias,
thanks for your help.
I am really new in this field and just made a beginner course in vvvv.
The next days I will try to debug my script and optimize it.