Images to facebook via email

Hi all

I am trying to send images to facebook via email. I have found the status update email for my page and want to send a status update along with an image.

when I do this from my gmail, it works fine, but when trying from vvvv using SendEmail (Network), I only get the status update. when I send the same image from gmail, it works fine. when I send from vvvv to my gmail, the images comes along fine.

any ideas?

Maybe must be send with SSL.
Or wrong encoding / mime type of attached image.

well, I have now tried using as mailserver and the mail still get through, with image to my own account, but no image in facebook. and it is ssl. I have tried different encodings, either no difference or no sucess at all

how about using Node.js with venode ?
Node.js could send email easily.