How can I load multiple textures in ImageReader (Skia)?

Check out a tutorial about regions. They are essentially loops, in which you can perform multiple operations.

use a foreach, use the sink at the region border to input a spread of data.
keep in mind that the lowest spread input will determine loop count!
exit the region using the sink.
keep in mind that you now operate on a spread of data, use group spectral skia to transform this into a skia layer.

thanks for the link, for each is in principle understandable for me, how can i transfer the behaviour to the imagereader?
Imagereader.vl (11.1 KB)

Take a peek into ImagePlayer (Framebased Skia).

You’ll have to enable Browsable Packages in the settings for that.


is this the cleanest solution for this basis function in gamma? (15.0 KB)

Could be, though you better use Dir rather than GetFiles. GetFiles runs continuously and is rather expensive. Dir on the other hand does the same thing, but internally has a Cache region that makes sure it only runs when necessary.