Image stack wiping


small project. I want to reveal several large images with a mask. I imagine it as an image stack.

at the beginning we see the first image
depending on an input, a second image gets visible under a mask.
the next moving mask exposes the next picture. (5-6 images can be uncovered)

So a stack of pictures will be “wiped free” more and more. if the first image is gone, it is pushed in the stack to the last layer.

how can I implement this? something like this: ((tutorial effects multiple textures))


You need getslice(node) after filetexture and before your quad

I have the same need: making a curtain wipe (with several quads) - for DX11. Putting getSlice(node) between the filetexture and the quad does not seem to make a difference. Can anybody expand on that?


Hope it helps


Images_Stack.v4p (13.8 kB)

Thanks, @DigitalSlaves! I’ll try it out.