Image source firewire trouble shot

hi, does anyone had any trouble with this camera:

The driver installation doesnt see it…
neither on laptop, neither on a PC with a PCI-Firewire Trend Net…

with my company, we buyed a guppy. this is a fantastic firewire camera, but it has the same problem, vvvv don’t recognize it. So hierro, my partner, writed a dll in c# embedding the sdk of the guppy and using the shared memory. I know other users made the same thing for other devices. So i think you will need to write your personal “driver” for vvvv.
a good start for your camera seems to be this. Fortunately i saw that this sdk is for .net, and vvvv likes .net ;D
but i’m not a programmer, so i cannot give you more help.
good luck ;)

hi screamer, thanks for your reply.
my trouble is first a windows-hardware trouble, before being a vvvv one.
camera doesnt shows up when trying to install drivers…
dont know if its a problem of powering correctly the firewire… or if it cames broken and not working directly from Imaging source.

unfortunatly i m just C writting, and i m completely close to the .NET and C# way of thinking … :-(

hi karistouf

i did not use the particular camera you are mentioning but i had trouble with other imagingsource cameras…

are u using an external power supply? make sure your fw interface transports enough voltage…

also read this

hope this helps

hi david. thanks for your reply.
i m very puzzled as i asked especially HOW was powering of this camera.
they said to me by fire wire, and effectivly there is only firewire and Bnc connection on it.
but i didnt find any specific warnings about firewire alimentation ( despite laptops)

to solve this trouble i have bought a PCI firewire card from trendnet in HD01.
the trendent is well auto recognized under XP ( but on a 2001 driver ??? ! ), and seems to work properly.

but camera is still not working…

have you got any idea if there is a way to unlock power to deliver thruth firewire somewhere ?


I guess you’re in Nantes, call me.

Buy a FW hub is the best soluce if not enough or no power.
It got its own external power.
We could test here , i got one !

Note that this the difference between FW 4 pins and FW 6 pins.
The 2 extras pins are the power.

In your case laptop = FW 4 Pins = no Power

See you