Image IOBoxes are showing blank

None of the image IOBoxes I create are showing anything.
I create them using Alt double click, after a Skia or Stride graphics layer. I wonder if I’m doing anything wrong or if it’s a bug…
Then content shows ok on the renderers.

Happens on vvvv 5.2 and 5.3 betas 228-260 running on:

  • Windows 11, RTX 2080
  • Macbook M1 Pro, macOS 14.1, running Windows 11 on Parallels

Hm, your IO box as a warning, what does it say?
And it’s simply Alt + click (no double click), or as an alternative middle click to create it.

Looks like this here:

Hi Elias! Here’s the warning:

And some elements show as blank, without warnings
The element shows ok on the renderer window.


Did you by any chance change the tooltip settings? They have a simplified mode and I fear if that one is enabled also the IO boxes no longer render the content.

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Yey! Problem solved. Thanks a lot!
The preference ‘Use classic tooltip’ was on. Turning it off fixed it!