Image in ram and graphic ram


a few question about memory usage…

is it possible to put 2000 SD Images with alpha channel into the ram? the image should play with 60 frames in both directions? (perhaps there is a video codec to do this video scratching.)

i get something like (1280 * 720 * 32) / (1024 * 1024 * 8) = 3,51 MB for each image. altogether 7GB! I think there is no way with the current v4 version!

when v4 preloads the images will the images stay in RAM, or will the images deleted when the images are loaded in the graphic memory?

is there an inspector for the grahic memory?


check out

have you tried using a video encoded with picvideo mjpeg? remember to have the correct decoder installed.

thanxs, I try the picvideo codec. which tool should I use for the compression on windows… i normally doinig this on osx, and I think there’s no picvideo codec.

for the alpha channel i can use color key or a separate video clip with a black & white mask?

try the 64bit alpha build, it can load all you ram full with textures. or with a reasonable fast hard drive you can use the incredible Player (EX9.Texture).

you can also convert the images to DXT5 dds files which only use 1/4 of the memory space of a bitmap…

thanxs, i make a test with the 64 bit version.

I can assume that there will be no delay from RAm to DRAM?

loading all your pixel data into the RAM is the fastest method you can use.