IK Solver help patch

Does someone has IK Solver help patches?


see latest alpha

Wow thanks you!

hey joreg the patch is realy nice. but brings me to a mathematical question.

what kind of transform need 3d objects like boxes to get the position and rotation correctly to match the points of the joints?

they are connected as lines at the moment

IKSolver (Skeleton) help.v4p (21.0 kB)

you mean the bones not the joints. you want to have a box at every bone, right?

the joints give you the orientation of the bone and the size (scaling) you get by calculating the distance between two joints.

no need to calculate, if it is provided already. centerX is vital though, to move the pivot to the joint

IKSolver (Skeleton) help (1).v4p (23.6 kB)

hi thanks for the fast answer!
i figured it out just in that minute with the CenterX on a transform after the solver transform

aye. 0.5 is no magic number btw. it is the distance necessary to move an object of width 1.0 to its “beginning” edge, when it was centered in the middle before. plus it’s offset, if you choose not to have the very edge as your new pivot.