Idle SKIA videoplayer keeps gpu at 50%

hi all,

I want to toggle a skia video on and off, to free up some gpu power if I need it somewhere else. After some time playing, the GPU power jumps up to between 30 and 50% (depending on the system). When I disable play or delete the videoplayer node, it won’t free up the resources. I also tried putting it in if or cache regions, even exchanging the skImage to a placeholder while idle. Stopping and restarting the patch is the only thing that makes the gpu load go back down.

Not sure this is about the VideoPlayer

  1. Having a Renderer in the patch puts the GPU perf meter to 10% in my case
  2. Having the VideoPlayer there as well without playing does nothing (good)
  3. Playing puts the GPU to 20%
  4. Stopping puts it first back to 0% (no idea why it would show that) but after a second or so back to 10% like in the beginning

Are you sure the VideoPlayer is your bottleneck? Maybe you can give us a bigger pricture?

What gpu do you have ;)

I tried two mp4 videos, high and low bitrate encoded, on two different machines. They both start at those 10% but after some playing time they go up to 30-50%. Just using the vlc player with nothing else running.

I guess this is not vvvv related.

thanks anyway!

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