Idla laser vvvv

Hello everyone !
I just received an interface ilda “lumax”,
it works very well, but on the other hand I want to draw shapes or points that are not connected to each other.
I heard about the concept of laser blanking, I understand the principle, but am currently unable to make a patch.

Do you have any information about this? methods? examples or patch?
I will really appreciate it
thanks in advance

did you see this? Lumax (Devices) & ILDA

how do you send points to the laser? if you give more information about your current approach people can help you better.

thank you Tonfilm for your message, I saw the discusion that you sit but it did not help me.

I get data x / y from iannix in osc,
vector data, which draws several shapes (4) using quad or other.
I would like data to be able to draw points, without the laser linking them together.

I start with vvvv, thank you for your understanding

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