Ideas trick for some "biological" visual effects

hi there

in two weeks i have to make an audiovisual performance with a kind of geometric to biologic transformation. I would like to know if there are some nodes that create any effect related to biologic relations and interactions… i suspect there are a lot of great nodes or user patches that i’m missing. Im aware of the user shaders like metaballs. or the fluid plugin… but maybe some more simple nodes create great effects


ok for example voronoi node… its amazing… i just have to find a way to use it with a mesh…

or you could look at boids (bird swarm behaviour). i remember there’s a patch about swarming floating around somwhere here…

i’d consider the surface shader when well configured to produce some very organic effects.

you can mix different shaders altogether too. in cascade. 2,3,4,5… it creates a form of generative mass quiet organic and surprising sometimes. one of my favorites to blend is self-displacement shader cause it melt things down and has high generative potential, in particular on curved objects

Thanks all!

the surface shader its amazing. now i see its potenciall

i was using particles plugin with some alpha on textures and add blend so it create a kind of metaballs effect, but with boids would work better i think, and possible less cpu

i saw your flickr the other day, aze, really really amazing stuff

the thing with mutiple shaders is that “converts” to 2d… how could i trick this so it look more like in 3d ?

thank you guys

hope i’m not turning too egocentric but thanks. i’m just a guy who tries things and don’t know that much on vectors, meshes, or hlsl for example, but what i know is when you have a renderer with 3d objects in, you can grab via dx9texture the renderer and put it in some shader as bloom or self-displacement or blur or muffy as texture. it’s a 2d technique but it works on 3d scenes and with depth of field you could maybe give more perspective to it (never tried DOF).

anyway making a bypass and switching shaders off/on can apply organic-like transformation to your scene whatever it is (2d, 3d, video…).
you could maybe make the activation of shaders progressive via alpha channel or blend fxs? try different combinations and parameters? it’s yours to experiment
to me linking shaders parameters to audio makes it more alive

after all, it depends of what you call biologic relations and interactions. but it’s clear surface shader is a strong base to begin your thing.

you could also create an L-system (growing or not) structure with audio linked to some parameters (rotation, scale, lenght…) as base scene.
you will already be able to switch between a basic geometric structure and a sound-animated (biologic) one.

put high dampers here and here and you’ll have smooth transformations between the two states

sorry for the delay… thanks for the really great ideas aze. the first presentation went great. it was a really short deadline, so it was a preview or a work in progress for this… i will upload some video when i get it and finally make my userpage with some stuff to share, probably newbie useless stuff

probably newbie useless stuff
stuff to share is never useless! :)