Ico dome

hello friends,
im making a dome in cardboard 6mts diam. but im having a pickle with the uv, ive done it in blender, simple uv unwrap, but not getting good “per face uv” anybody done something lke this allready?, guess if i use the vDome solution i will endup with the same problem.
ive seen the vDome solution from Intoligth, thing is that in an icosaedron dome you have several triangles instead of a smooth surface, so the image spherization is noticeable, thats why im aproaching this method of a 3d model(.x in this case, using scenefile>mesh) with the integrated uv, but not havng the desired looks. you can see the circule roundness in each triangle.
guess that the cube>sphere should be cube>ico, or it is a content problem? any ideas?

heres the ico dome model

domo11.zip (7.3 kB)

bit did’t get it, u apply a sphirical mapping but it did’t satisfied u cause of the roundness? It’s quite a pain to fix i must admit. U need to try it with cubemap it might actually fix that for u. I’ll check how it’s gonna look if i unfold ur model

I tryed automated unfolding made it even more weirdo
Ur uv map looks ok tho… I don’t think there is much to improve

i need another screenshot to see what the problem exactly is…