I would like to render a 2D-Shape and animate it with the Kinect 2-Skeleton Node

Hi guys! How is everyone doing? :)

First of all: I’m a newbie!

Second: I browsed through the forum, but couldn’t find the right answers.

What I want to do:
I have a Kinect 2 and I would like to use the Skeleton node to animate a 2D-Shape that looks like the shadow of a person who is standing in front of a wall and the light would shine from behind them.
This figure needs just one color (white) and a simple outline (so hair, hats or other details are not necessary).

Where I am at:
So far I managed to move Boxes when a certain Skeleton part (I used head and right hand) move in front of the camera. But they move randomly and are 3D.

So how do I build a 2D-Shadow that uses the 25 joints of the Skeleton and moves exactly like the person that is standing in front of the Kinect? :D

Any pointers as to where to start or guides/videos etc would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance,


Why don’t you try to use player dx11 texture?

About your original question:
I would build up skeleton from lines, then resample to get quite a descent amount of points, and then would use some sort of sprites


As antokhio already pointed out the shadow rendering works quite well with the player texture.
You can process the texture, e.g. inverting and bluring, some little echo to make it smoother in motion and it looks already quite like a shadow.
For smoothing I used some


Thanks for your answers guys.

I actually tried the Player model, it looks cool. But there are two problems I then need to solve: What to do about other people/objects in the picture? And is it possible to store the shadow information somehow to then let their shadow have a life of their own?

Thanks again for your help :)

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