I wish ASIO

ASIO would be a great step in handling audio streams.
Imagine simutaneous audio treatments instead of the one and only input we have now.
That would open new horizons in vvvv integration in live shows.


flexibility in audio routing is definitely needed.

vvvv isn’t intended to be used for audio application

but still, if vvvv becomes ASIO compatible,

it’ll expand the possibility as a VJ tool.

i wish asio too ;D

me too :)… no text …

me too, but who wouldn’t

I want i want…just for the latency, the bass asio nodes are cool but still its not the real deal.

why not? whats missing?


What latency do you have and in which context?

  • File playback
  • Audio In
  • Output
  • Latency between changing a slider/midi input and having the response

I found to have low latency with controllers, a good starting point is to have a high framerate on the mainloop (like 3000 fps)

If you give me a couple of example patches highlighting the bottlenecks i would probably be able to increase the performances.

As it’s built around vvvv I will probably never have the low latency that a professional dj software has, but sure can get close somehow :)


I already had different problems with patches ranging from files playing faster then they’re intended, crackling audio from processing and other stuff, for some weird reason these issues just appear from time to time and I experienced already problems that disappeared after wating some minutes or restarting. t’s already late i"ll search out some examples later on…Thanks anyway for the good contribution so far!