I want my particles to move at same speed

Hello guys I am very new at both the vvvv and the forum. So I made a patch using a particles 2d field node, I attached a bang on it so I can operate it manually for now. Each time I bang it, I want it to emit a single particle at a given(by me) speed and direction. Since the particle node generates random values both negative and positive I added an absolute node to its output to get only positive value so the particle only moves on the positive direction. So prety much I fixed the direction problem. But my particles from each bang even if they move at same direction they don’t move at same speed, like the wagons of a train. I want the particles to move like the wagons of a train… all at same direction and with the same speed (without any kind of acceleration).If it helps you check the first 5-10 seconds of this video I’ve made in another program to see exactly what I want to achieve in vvvv also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXzCJPD6mjg&feature=share
Sorry for bad english, I try add my patch file if I find out how.
here is a screenshot of my patch:

hello pascal and welcome!
just set the Velocity DeviationXY pin to 0. this setting is responsible for adding the randomness to the velocity.

lol! Yeap that worked in combination with cranking the Velocity FieldXY(just the X-axis spread in my case) up to some positive value. Thanks man I was puzzled for days!

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