I totally lost how the "*.xml" file can be made

Hello there.
I’m the artist of South Korea.
I’ve been trying my best to do some work and trying to start Visual mapping projection.
In my opinion, I just see it as Futurism & Cubism. Also I just think it as mapped ‘Hyper cubism’ to the modern architectures which seems like was born by Sol LeWitte’s works
I think that is really important media that can make us experience virtual reality in the real world without any needed equipment.
I chose a tool as vvvv to draw that and it is very impressive for me because of its efficiency…
That is like not only my brush but also canvas. I can make from a dot to a big space. However, drawing a line, even though it is the most important content that expresses the space, is very hard to achieve for me. I keep on failing to draw a line even after the millions of tries.

I totally lost how the “*.xml” file can be made.
Please tell me the ways to make *.xml file. Please advise me.
I attached the files that I’ve tried so far. If you wanted to check the fails, please go ahead.
Lastly, I would like to know the history of projection art and the background of visual mapping projection in your country.
Thank you and I really hope you reply soon.

Sangchul, Nam

Reference site

Reference work: Kathrin Guther, Sandra Kuehefuss, Asaad El Salawi und Andreas Brendle’s work

Reference work.zip (111.5 kB)

helo lightzim,

the .xml file you are referring too was exported from cinema4d. now i am not familiar with cinema4d at all. but there seems to be a way to export .xml files that contain a vectorarray tag, that holds all the vectors of a line.

if you have this, it can be easily parsed and used in vvvv as you see in one of the patches.

maybe someone with more cinema4d experience can have a look at this…