I need help

i really like the work from Ryoichi Kurokawa which named “Hybrid Art”.
can i do it by vvvv?
i really want to know how to write the effect ?

this is the link of his work.

This is NOT the way to post in ANY forum!!

Yes it is a great piece of work, and yes it can be done in vvvv.

Learn to code shaders, plugins or how to use vvvv, that is all there is to it.
I think he uses some kind off MIDI keyboard, so learn how to use that too.

Than come back and ask specific questions.

The important thing about an artwork it’s the concept of the work not the technics used to achive the work.
I saw that work on Taipei on the DAF & 404 Festival last year , and I’m quite sure it was processing, anyway, that artist was able to achive his idea and he made a pice of art from it, not from the software used.

I think that if you want to “copy” that… You won’t get much help from this ( or any forum ). If you want to have the skills to use a multipurpose toolkit like vvvv and from there build whatever you want, you are welcome.

As West said, start with the tutorials and ask specific questions

thank you for your suggest!
i’m a student from art school,and i’m interesting in this stuff.
i just like the awesome work and i want to know how to do it .
what can i do at first ?

Hi daisytown

I certainly find imitating famous work valid as a method of learning, setting a specific goal can be very helpful. and in the process you end up creating something where the influence is visible but having a character of its own.

Making a work like the one you are referring to will take quite some time, even for a skilled patcher, so unless you are rich and can pay someone to do it for you, you need to learn to program in vvvv yourself.

To me you seem quite unclear about what vvvv is and what it can do, so while the work definitely is possible using vvvv, as west pointed out, you will probably not be able to do it without spending quite some time getting into vvvv.

so my suggestion is to look at the tutorials here:
tutorials start out from the first ones.

@west)) made a long series of video tutorials((video tutorials, check those out too.

Between the tutorials, you should spend some time checking out what is in the girlpower folder in the folder where vvvv is, lots of interesting examples to look at and inspire you.

Good luck and have fun learning this.


PS: feel free to keep asking questions, but as you can probably see from this thread, you need to ask more specific questions. With questions like this you will only get answers like these.

Completely agree with West, come with specific questions to get specific answers. I don’t know what Kurokawa work does to people (besides the amazing experience) but this is like the 3rd post i’ve seen in different forums asking DIRECTLY how to do what he does. Admiration and inspiration are not substitutes for dedication and transpiration, which I am sure Ryoichi has put on his work.
Being said the speech.
I think the piece is basically designed using jitter + after effects. It is not real time, I’ve seen it twice and my guess is that Kurokawa is only controlling small amount of parameters in particular the sound spatialization (5.1). I can tell you is jitter because the ‘peculiar’ way the textures are mapped and the type of height map implemented. I assume he is using matrix filtering (expr + op objects) and geometric surfaces with different types of gl drawing primitives (lines + points mostly). It has an amazing after effects post-production.

I assume it can be done in vvvv, although both programs operate with very different paradigms (spreads vs matrices), so I suggest you to take a look into the tutorials from both softwares and decide by yourself what is the best option for developing your OWN work. A third option might be to take a look into processing, the new 2.0 version is coming with amazing improvements, it has a friendly IDE and uses java, so no complex memory management. It is a very friendly option to start using code.

If you decide to stick to vvvv, welcome!