I have some trouble in the calbrate RGB and Depth Camera (by RGBDToolkit)

Hi,I use the method in RGBDToolkit to calibrate my HD camera and kinect…

but I meet some questions…

I just calibate the HD Camera’image and kinect depth image…not like RGBDToolkit(use the vedio)… I use image from camera directory(by my canon camera sdk)…

the step is:
1)calibrate kinect,get kinect intrinsic matrix…
2)calibrate HD camera,take 13 picture from camera like RGBDToolkit (error<0.2)
3)take about 3 groups of images (kinect depth image, kinect ir image,rgb image from HD camera ),and calibrate them…

I have done these steps, and get the calibrate result…
but the result is not good…the offset is quite large…

Q1: is that RGBDToolkit do not think about the kinect distcoeff ??

Q2: I always get about 50 inliers(for 3 group images) when use the “solvePnPRansac” , and most of inliers just in one group image,
but in the RGBDToolkit tutorials,it show:
I dont know why I cannot get a “good calibration” ?

Q3: I use openNI to control the kinect,and I write the freenect_camera_to_world function myself, but I dont know is it right?

void freenect_camera_to_world(int cx,int cy,int wz, double *wx,double *wy)
double ref_pix_size = 0.1042 ; //the value is from RGBDCaptureKinect
double ref_distance = 120.0;

double factor = 2*ref_pix_size*wz/ref_distance;
*wx = (double)(cx - DEPTH_X_RES/2)*factor;
*wy = (double)(cy - DEPTH_Y_RES/2)*factor;


can you leave a email? I can send you my example image and result…

and why it use ‘solvePnPRansac’? not use ‘StereoCalibrate’??

this question should probably better go here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/rgbdtoolkit