I got vvvv_beta running in wine on linux

It took a fair bit of fiddling, but I’ve gotten VVVV running in wine using wine’s native Dx9 implementation. Some things don’t work (…yet?) but overall it’s usable enough that I was able to make the simple animation loop you see below.


I haven’t done a huge amount of testing, but I’ve found a few limitations and have been able to work around a couple of them.

What works: Dx9 rendering. General patching. Writing images to disk. Loading and saving patches.
What doesn’t work: Dx11. The Dx9 effect/blending filters I tried. Searching for nodes in versions > b36, though you can still place them using the browse mode so this probably isn’t a deep-seated issue.
What I haven’t tested: Anything beyond loading a few sample patches and making the animation above.

How I did it:

  1. Installed the latest wine-staging from the Arch linux repos. (5.9 at time of writing.)

  2. Made a 64 bit wine prefix just for this so I could test everything in a self contained environment and roll back to earlier iterations if I broke something without having to start the install process from scratch.

  3. Installed all versions of .NET through 4.7.2 using winetricks.

  4. Downloaded and ran the installer for the latest version of VVVV (39.1) and let it automatically install further dependencies.

  5. It runs! But for some reason the node search menu is invisible even though the browse menu isn’t.

  6. Installed older versions until the node search menu wasn’t broken (b36)

  7. Tried to install the DX11 pack. It froze on load. Tried to install DXVK to see if it’d make a difference. It broke DX9 rendering as well.

  8. Rolled back to vanilla wine.

  9. Installed the addonpack and it still runs.

  10. Made a gif.

Pics or it didn’t happen:

If I can get compositing effects to work I may actually be able to use it to make stuff. I’ll probably keep fiddling with it over time to see what can be improved. VVVV is really comfortable and relaxing to play with and I’ve missed it since switching over to linux as a daily driver. If this motivates anyone else to see what they can get running please share your discoveries/workarounds also! Maybe we can get it to the point where it’s viable for day to day use!


Congrats! Great post, thanks a lot!

Now post it in some Linux forums… :)

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