I got a some problem using wiimote.. who can help me?

Hi everyone, It’s my first question that I write on this thread.
I got some problem with using wiimote. there’s no problem bluetooth’s
installation, vvvv’s version, crack… etc.

look at the first picture.

I got a missing file now but I cant know why vvvv can’t recognize
that dll file. Other version’s patch had gotten a same problem on
my mac. there’s no one who can help me? ;-(

do you have the .dll? if so, drag’n’drop it onto your patch and see whether the node is created.

@tonfilm I did same thing, but nothing’s changed…
It maintains saying only “It’s missing file.”
is that my vvvv has some problem?

yes, make sure that the addonpack is installed correctly…

ja, seems you got the wrong version. the latest wiimote plugin comes with the addonpack. you don’t need any specific wiimote download…