I can't load "Detect Object" T_T


I’m a begginer studying vvvv by myself.

I have a problem!

After I reinstalled vvvv, I can’t load Detect Object.

What should I do? What do I have to check?..

I’d like to make 2D graphic I made works like this. (just using one image)

Are there open sources here?

please check:

  • you are using beta26
  • you run its crack.exe
  • there you uncheck, then recheck the DirectShow Filters
  • close crack
  • run vvvv.exe
  • dblclick in patch to open nodebrowser
  • type: DetectObject
  • you see it in the nodebrowser and press enter
  • the node appears on the patch


thanks for your reply!!!

I installed beta26 and checked that list, and it has been resolved~!
thank you thank you~~!