I can't achieve the desired delay in VVVV gamma

I am using TextureQueue to set the delay, but there is always a slight error of less than one frame in this setup, and I can’t achieve the desired effect. If I want to set the delay based on time instead of frame images, what should I do?

The VideoIn has an outpu pin called Actual FPS. Multipication of that value will be the delay in seconds! no?

@amir I am using Device.DeckLink.VideoIn and I know its FPS, but I don’t know how to set the delay based on time. Its Wait Time is not for setting the image delay.

I see. If your desired effect is to delay the video for n seconds you could do this:

@amir I didn’t describe the problem clearly. The delay set by TextureQueue based on frames is relatively high, but I need a very low delay, probably only a few milliseconds or even less. Is there any node or method that allows setting the delay in milliseconds?

All calculations are done in frames, so there will always be a time quantization in frames, you cannot display something between frames.