I can`t find the object in my node browser

I found that many .v4p in my folder("lib","girlpower") cannot be found in the node browser.I want to add them in the node Browser.
I think its a simple question,sorry.Anyone can help me,thanks

It’s probably because you are checking an old girlpower patch and the nodes in question are obsolete and have been replaced by something newer. The old node is labeled legacy and is there to not break old patches.
See if you can find the equivalent new node.

note that patches in \girlpower are not showing up in the nodebrowser at all. those are demo patches, not modules, ready for being used in your patches.

modules in lib\nodes should show up. please be more specific about what you see missing.

So,if I put the patches in \girlpower into lib\node,would they be showed up?@joreg

no. you should never change anything in the filestructure that vvvv ships with!

the reason why things you put there won’t show up:

the official way of getting things to show up in the nodebrowser is setting references to addons in the root.

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