I can´t download VVVV

I need help for the installation.
I followed all the steps but I don´t see the “start_with_demo” option, and I don´t don´t know what I may be doing wrong



all fine, you just need to double click vvvv in your folder :)

If you want to see the demos just go to /girlpower there are all the demos that you mentioned with this “start with demo”, there is no button in the setup for that, maybe you mixed that up with the root. But for now just ignore that and enjoy the girlpower folder full of interesting example patches

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indeed there used to be a “start with demo” file shipping with vvvv. but this has gone since a few releases. latest instructions, which you find here below the downloads are not mentioning that anymore.

so, just as tekcor mentions: dblclick vvvv and you’re good to go…

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@tekcor thank u!!

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