Human Wireframe from kinect

Hello All,

I am working on some visuals that represent a human figure’s wireframe as detected by the Kinect (original) using dx11 nodes.

I would like to make a wireframe of a mesh that is recognizable as a human form. I have been trying to make a mesh from the kinect using pipet to sample the depth info but I am having trouble indices that are required to construct the mesh.

Also, the information I receive is very noisy and I end up with a lot of the background information unable to be filtered out. I was thinking about using the Kinect Skeleton points to offset some Gaussian spreads to localize my vectors to where the kinect knows the person is standing, but I still am not sure how to construct the indices list for the mesh.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think you in advance for you shared wisdom.
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Thank you for the recommendation antokhio.

I have tried to play around with dx11.pointcloud a bit, but I have not gotten very deep into its functionality. I am still fairly new to vvvv and excited to find out more.

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