Huge text file reading


I’m trying to read a huge text file - 400mb - to analyse all the characters but Reader + Split just crashes… Any ideas on how to solve it?


what exactly do you mean by “crashes”? 400mb sounds like it takes some minutes to process it… during that time vvvv will be frozen. what is the content of the file, what data do you want to get out of it?

the best way is to use an AsycTask in vl and process the file line by line… reading all at once sounds like a massive task that you can’t really debug/observe.

in vvvv SequentialReader (File) can avoid long stalls and potentially resulting crashes by working on a line-by-line basis (great for csv for example).
this will probably change your logic too: you just process one line (or a spread of them, if you really want to) during one frame.

anyway, I concur with tonfilm, vl has cooler async tools to do the same and more

Ok cool, will look into vl then (finally…!) :) thank you!
Anyhow by ‘crashes’ I meant it literally restarted my machine… after vvvv freezed, at the next click it turned off everything :) It’s DNA data so there’s a lot of characters that I’d like to then use.
I guess I’ll have a lot of vl questions soon :)
Thank you!

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