HTTPGet body to string?


i fail to translate a beta patch to gamma. HTTPGet gives me the body as Provider where i need a string.

No helpfile for HttpGet, nothing helpful in the category Provider, nothing in the category String. I’m preparing a beginner course and wonder how they will cope, if even i can’t find the right nodes.

in the end i want to look for some data in the body, in beta it was kinda simple with xelements, i’ve seen JSON in gamma too…


any help would be appreciated regarding how to find the infos myself, i want to understand the logic of how to find the right nodes. is there a helppatch on provider i didn’t find, why does httpGet not output string anyway…

ok, found it in the forum, ReadAll. i guess time for a helppatch …

i am afraid, one of the things we just didn’t get to polish yet. hence why the nodes still have the experimental aspect.

but ja, for now it is like this:

i understand, i hope i’m not too early with a gamma course at uni. i need to prepare basically everything, no room for experimentation , chances are high to hit a dead end.

in beta it was kinda logical to discover new things, at least most of the nodes have help patches, help patches are really key. the help browser is very good in this way, having the search bar which is a good alternative to “in patch helppatches”.

anyway i will come across more of these obvious documentation holes and post them here.

HTTP is a key technology and should be known by the help browser.
as well as OSC

cheers ♡

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both simple HTTPGet and OSC nodes are now in latest previews!

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