HTMLTexture (DX11) Video Playback

Hi Guys,

I was using the HTMLTexture (DX11) to load some ofline document. All seems to work apart from the video playback, at first click on a video window it sort of popup quickly a window in other monitor then never again. But video never plays , i read something for the dx9 versión that could not include some codecs in it . could that be the case too ?

Any tips how to make it work.

btw the file plays all including the video in Firefox.


The best tips are those that come from a patch and data samples.

h.264 or mpeg licensing is not totally free therefore it might not be compatible with other general public licenses. webm should work. you can transcode to webm and ogg with ffmpeg out of the box

HI Guys, thank you for reply .

I did not see anything that helps me how to play the video in the help patches.

The video files are .ogg so there should be other issue anyway HTML file come from client and i dont think i can do any change to it .

Did anyone play any video with the HTML dx11 plug before ?

Please post html. Else try:
<video autoplay src="./path/to/.ogg">


I was mistaking , the video files are .ogv and the play if drag standalone but not when they are in the HTML big file.

As commented before in Firefox the file plays offline well and the videos in v4 HTML dx11 when pressing first time a video file from the menú , there is a Little popup window that appear disappear for a second like if something was trigger or executed but then nothing else happen. I,m asking if i can share the HTML file so you could have a look in case anything fixeable.



Also consider using vlc to convert video files. I used it to do some tests, it made a pretty good job at the time.

@h99 I can not post the HTML file here as it is a private doc from client. i have sent you an email via your user page.


HI just for info Tweaking the html and .js file got the project to load video properly.

Trick was actually setting the correct mime type
browsers have ignored those values but it seems to be important for v4 plug.

Videos had to be .ogv.

The plugin works very well so far.

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